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'Me, you and the old guitar,
How perfectly, perfectly happy we are.
MEEE-EW and the old guitar.
How PURRR-fectly happy we are!'

Tabby McTat is a cat with the loudest of meee-ews and a best friend with a guitar.  Together they sing their favourite songs delighting the crowds, until one day Fred disappears.  Separated and alone, Tabby finds shelter and a new life with all the home comforts that any cat could dream of.  However, memories of his life with Fred haunt him, and he sets off to search the streets for his long-lost friend.

Interwoven with original songs, Tabby McTat is the heart-warming tale of friendship and loyalty for all ages.

Listen and sing-a-long

Fancy a sneak peek or loved the show and can’t stop singing Fred and Tabby McTat’s favourite song? Listen and sing-a-long below.


‘Very funny. A lovely heart-warming story that I would recommend to all’

Mini Travellers


★★★★ (4.5 stars) ‘A bright and colourful, hour-long stream of story-telling, music, dance and magic’

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